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Columbia Noir - Volume 2 - Limited Edition (Blu-ray) (Import)

Limited edition box - 6 000 numbered units.

899 kr

The second Columbia Noir box set takes a dive once more into the studio's archives and the world of film noir - a world of undercover detectives (The Mob) and emotionless hitmen (Murder by Contract), a world where film is inspired by real-life criminal activities (Tight Spot, based loosely on Virginia Hill's testimony against Bugsy Siegel) and real-life criminal activities are inspired by film (711 Ocean Drive, which attracted the unwanted attention of mobsters), and a world where Glenn Ford finds himself unwittingly embroiled in murder, twice (Framed, Affair in Trinidad).

Framed (1947): Mike Lambert, seeking a mining job, instead becomes the patsy for a femme-fatale's schemes.

711 Ocean Drive (1950): An electronics expert creates a huge bookie broadcast system for his crime boss, and takes over operations when his boss is murdered. His greed leads him on a deadly destructive path.

The Mob (1951): Johnny Damico botches a murder case and is suspended from the force. In reality, he is put undercover to identify the mysterious boss of the NY waterfront who has murdered everyone in his way. Will Johnny be next in line?

Affair In Trinidad (1952): When Steve Emery arrives in Trinidad at the urgent request of his brother, he is stunned to find that his brother has not only been murdered, but that his brother's wife Chris is succumbing to the seduction attempts of the murderer. His feelings are further exacerbated when he discovers that he, too, is becoming strongly attracted to Chris, who is a steamy cabaret singer. She, in turn, is playing off one against the other while betraying the secrets of both men to the police, for whom she is secretly working.

Tight Spot (1955): Sherry Conley, a street tough and cynical woman with an unhappy family background, is taken from a prison to a hotel where the D.A. hopes she will agree to testify against a mobster. At the hotel, several attempts are made on her life and she starts to fall for Vince, the policeman guarding her.

Murder By Contract (1958): Claude is a ruthless and efficient contract killer - until he finds his next target is a woman.




547 min



Powerhouse Films


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Info uppdaterad
2021-02-26 10:09


Engelska (LPCM Mono)

1080p (anamorfisk)

Extra material
» High Definition presentations of Framed
» 711 Ocean Drive
» The Mob
» Affair in Trinidad
» and Tight Spot 2K restoration of Murder by Contract Original mono soundtracks Audio commentary with author and critic Imogen Sara Smith on Framed (2021) Audio commentary with author and critic Glenn Kenny on 711 Ocean Drive (2021) Audio commentary with filmmaker and archivist Gina Telaroli on The Mob (2021) Audio commentary with author and film historian Lee Gambin on Affair in Trinidad (2021) Audio commentary with film historian Nora Fiore on Tight Spot (2021) Audio commentary with novelist and film historian Farran Smith Nehme on Murder by Contract (2021) Introduction to Murder by Contract by Martin Scorsese (2014) The Guardian Interview with Ernest Borgnine (2001): archival audio recording of the much-loved character actor in conversation with Clyde Jeavons at the National Film Theatre
» London Interview with Peter Ford (2012): archival recording of the son of Glenn Ford discussing his father?s career with the Film Noir Foundation?s Eddie Muller Swedes in America (1943): Oscar-nominated short film from Murder by Contract director Irving Lerner
» in which Ingrid Bergman explains the influence of Swedish immigrants on the United States Diary of a Sergeant (1945): documentary portrait of Harold Russell
» the soldier who lost his hands during World War II and would later win an Oscar for his performance in The Best Years of Our Lives
» and his rehabilitation
» directed by 711 Ocean Drive?s Joseph M Newman The Steps of Age (1951): dramatised documentary by Ben Maddow
» screenwriter of Framed
» demonstrating the challenges of growing old as seen through of the eyes of a retired widow Caribbean (1951): documentary by the Crown Film Unit
» contemporaneous to Affair in Trinidad
» depicting the West Indies
» British Guiana
» and British Honduras Six short films starring the Three Stooges
» lampooning the tropes and themes of the features included in this set: Violent Is the Word for Curly (1938)
» Saved by the Belle (1939)
» Three Sappy People (1939)
» Idiots Deluxe (1945)
» Up in Daisy?s Penthouse (1953)
» and Hot Stuff (1956) Original theatrical trailers for 711 Ocean Drive
» The Mob
» Affair in Trinidad
» Tight Spot and Murder by Contract Murder by Contract trailer commentary: short appreciation by screenwriter Larry Karaszewski Image galleries: publicity and promotional materials New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing Limited edition exclusive 120-page book with new essays by Melanie Williams
» Ellen Cheshire
» Simon Abrams
» Kulraj Phullar
» Tara Judah
» and David Thompson, extracts from interviews with director Phil Karlson
» screenwriter Ben Maddow
» and others, an extract from Vincent Sherman?s autobiography, archival news articles
» interviews
» and reviews, new writing on the short films, and full film credits World and UK premieres on Blu-ray Limited edition box set of 6
» 000 numbered units


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